Hello 안녕하세요 Olá

My Achievements

Although I am only 21 years old. I have experienced ups and downs in my life that brings me where am I now and I appreciate every little things that happens to me.


I was once of the top 10 students in my primary schools. I love to study, I love books and I love everything about studying at the age of 7 until I am 10. But at the beginning of year 5, I feel like I am lacking since I was transfered to a cluster school which makes me feel super small. But I managed to make my parents proud of me. When I entered secondary school, my passion was more to sports. I joined bowling at the age of 15 and won a gold medal for my school at that time and then I was sent as the presentor for my school. When I am in Form 6, I do sports too. I joined handball and badminton. My academic and non-academic status was fine throughout my study both in primary school and secondary school.

In SPM, I am a Science Stream student but turned out Science subjects and me are not meant to be together. But I do enjoy studying the subjects especially Chemistry and Physics. I was not expecting much for the SPM results because I know myself and after the result came out, I have decided to continue my study in Form 6. I am actually glad to continue pre-university before I entered college life because it helps me a lot in completing tasks and assignments. The CGPA were not that high but I am proud of it because I managed to enter UiTM Puncak Perdana to pursue my dreams to get a scroll of degree. I am currently in year 2 of my study and I hope that the future awaits are much more better than the memories holds.