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My name is Aina Sorfina Binti Aziz. I was born in Bukit Payong, Terengganu but raised in Perlis and I am familiar with both of these places. I can speak fluently both dialects.I was born on July 15th, 1998. I am now 21 years old this year, 2019. I have nine siblings including me. Three of them are my older brothers, four of them are my sisters and I have a younger sister which makes me a second last child in the family, the most loving one. I am a born Muslim. My mom was born in Terengganu and my late dad was born in Perlis. Both of them are Muslims.

I have some hobbies that may be different each time. I love listening to music, do some calligraphy, sometimes I draw, sometimes I dance, sing and play an instrument. I am good at sport especially indoor sport such as bowling and badminton. I love collecting stationaries, cute stationaries to be exact. I am more of a no-mistakes person. I am very careful with what I am doing especially when I do my journal. I love to express my words through typing rather than expressing it to people.

I like to work as a team. I like to see how people in a group communicate and how we can help each other out. It's just that we can learn and help within the group to improve. I do love to try new things just to see how it gives meaning to life. A risk exist for people to go through it, to think of something that not everyone can think of. A group of people should have at least a person that can take the risk and are ready for any circumstances. I am that kind of person.

I have quite a number of skills. I can speak fluently in English. English has been one of my favourites subject since primary school until now. I might have difficulties in communicating but I can speak well. I am focusing more on the content rather than the grammar. I am currently taking third language in UiTM, which I chose German as my third language. I can also speak basic and understand fully Korean. I have been to Seoul and I have experienced communicating with the locals. I can play some instruments such as keyboard, guitar and ukulele. I was once sent to a music class by my mom because she can see my passion about music.